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Black Desert SEA Server Opened - Closed Beta Signup Started

Black Desert SEA Server Opened - Closed Beta Signup Started

Postby Castie » Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:11 am


Thanks to Woz for the heads up. Black Desert Online has opened its SEA server and you can now sign up for Closed Beta testing, which will start in a few weeks. The official website is:

mmosite.com published an article about it:
http://news.mmosite.com/content/2017-11 ... rver.shtml

We were skeptical about whether the site was legitimate, so I contacted Pearl Abyss (the company that owns Black Desert) and they confirmed that the above site is indeed the official website for SEA, and that they are launching closed beta. They referred me to their official page which lists their official websites for each country:

If you sign up now, you get a chance to win free "Pearls" -- in-game currency for Black Desert. You can create and customize your character before closed beta starts, and you should save your character files because all characters will be deleted at the end of CBT. After open beta starts you can re-create your character's appearance exactly, if you saved your customization file.

Most of us aren't playing C9 anymore, or (like me) playing a lot less, so I think we should all give Black Desert a try. Woz and I have played it before on Korea and Japan servers, and it's a good game that's very similar to C9 in combat, and an extremely well-made and large game overall, with vast game content to play -- which C9 lacks. It also has absolutely beautiful character and world graphics, certainly one of the best of all MMOs in terms of graphics and content.

Let's meet up ingame :)
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