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Welcome to C9 Nation!

Welcome to C9 Nation!

Postby Castie » Wed Dec 18, 2013 9:20 am

Welcome to C9N :P

If you are a player of C9, you may be aware that the official C9 forum on Webzen's homepage has been deactivated since about a month ago. I was online on the C9 forum at the time, and it appeared to be yet another forum hacking incident for Webzen. At the time, the C9 forum was ablaze with hot discussion about the major changes that came with last month's 4th Expansion update. While there were a small group of people on the forum who liked the update completely as it was, most people were quite upset about some aspect of the update. Then, posts began popping about C9 shutting down permanently, and threads began to randomly disappear (apparently the work of hackers), and GM Gauri appeared to be going nuts dealing with it all. Ultimately, the forum was closed down to solve the security problems.

Personally, I find the timing of the hacking to have been very convenient for Webzen, as it effectively shut everyone up about all their displeasures and wants regarding the game. Based on the fact that all of the other forums on Webzen's homepage (Mu, etc.) have not been deactivated like the C9 forum, it appears that whatever security breach occurred was not a global problem. Even if a recovery effort is being made for all the deleted threads, the amount of time it is taking Webzen to re-activate the C9 forum is quite ridiculous. They are not in any rush to let us speak our minds.

Unfortunately, it seems all of the major C9 fansites and forums have died early deaths (C9fan.com, C9forum.com, etc.), so for almost a month there has been no forum for C9 players to engage in discussion. I ran out of patience yesterday morning, and since a forum for our guild (.BROTHERHOOD.) was long overdue, I did a rush job of setting this forum up to remedy both situations.

This is a place for all C9 players to express themselves. Please keep the language civil and the discussions constructive. It is okay to vent your frustrations about C9, but I ask that you please do not take it out on other members. I hope to keep this forum a more enjoyable and constructive place of discussion than the official C9 forums.

(The namesake of this forum comes from PTnation.com, aka PTN or Priston Tale Nation, from many years ago.)
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